If you are returning home to find the rooms flooded thanks to a malfunctioning dishwasher, sink, or even washing machine, then surely you would panic. In every house, there would be things strewn around on the floor, from cushions to rugs, to random clothes and other knick-knacks. This means that all that would be drenched or soaked in the water and this means that you have to call some professional help. Call us at (646) 776-2170 if you are in New York and we shall send our best men on the job for water remediation in New York. Today, we, from Water Damage New York are a renowned company and the reason for that could be many but most importantly for our sincere efforts and timely assistance at ensuring that your homes and offices return to normalcy after a water leakage in your home or office.


Services of water cleanup in New York:

We, from Water Damage New York are a licensed and certified organization that has been continuously helping hundreds and thousands citizens of New York bounce back to normal life after a flood due to a natural calamity or an accident like a leaky faucet in the bathroom, or an overflowing tank, a frozen pipe bursting out or many other reasons. We, from water damage New York understand that after such an accident, you would be very depressed, stressed and might anxiously try your level best to restore your possession to their normal state. But, it is not possible to think properly when you have so much of work to do. This is where our experience comes in handy. While calling for help, just dial (646) 776-2170 and mention the address and your name and we shall be there in ten minutes. Our trucks are for your assistance in such cases and therefore, we have ready trucks completely ready with drying tools, heating tools, and cleaning solvents. We, from Water Damage New York, also understand that you might not be in a state to deal with the insurance claims and other processing. So, we will take snaps of the home or office, gather the items that are totally damaged, make a list of those and put forward to the companies on your behalf as per your guidance.


Convenience in the time of chaos:

Indeed, it is very essential that few of the people in the area remain composed even when there is “Water, water, everywhere!” This said, we will come all equipped even with our in-house plumber and other technicians who will at first, locate the source of the leakage and work on repairing it. That being done, we would request you to unplug and if possible try to blot out or drain water out as much as possible. In case you do not know where to begin, just wait for our cleaners and technicians to come over and help you. We, from Water Damage New York would work as per the damage and the extent of damage and remove the items slowly and with care to drier rooms or dry part of the house. Then we, from water damage New York would see if the damage is due to water from clean sources or unclean sources. In case the water is from boilers, or leaky taps in the bathroom, the water would be clean, but in case of sump pump or sewer blockage or leakage, then the water would be contaminated with bugs, insects, even bacterial germs aplenty. Depending on the source of the water, we would use the equipment and the cleaning agent to restore the rooms back to the original state prior to the flood.

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How we would work in New York water damage restoration?

We, from Water Damage New York have all the latest equipment, but most importantly, we have the know-how on ways to work on removing water, drying up the items, and restoring them. Using motorized pumps, we would push out all the water from the rooms. Then we would individually work on all the decorative items or furniture of the room. Then, carpets and rugs would be removed, and sorted and then dried up. In case the damage of the carpets is very deep, then we would use eco-friendly cleaning solvents to clean up the filth accumulated and then wash them. Using steam-drying technique we would dry up the rugs and carpets and have them back on the floor in no time.

In accordance with the room, temperature and humidity and depending on the size of the room, the drying up would take place. After all, of this heating and drying up, we, from Water Damage New York would work on ensuring that all kinds of de-odorizing and disinfectant work is done on the floor.


Our expertise and our tactful handling:

We, from Water Damage New York are so popular in handling disasters so much that whenever there is any leakage in any of the areas in NY in the zip codes of 10001, 10002, 10008, 10009, 10012, 10022, 10023 and many others today. We offer the hassle-free service and we are also known for our equally important fire damage restoration in New York 10006.

Similarly, with our teams working 24 hours a day, we get calls from all kinds of commercial buildings for such emergency services. Our customers are highly satisfied with our work and we have clients from restaurants, major conglomerates, High-rise residential buildings, hospitals, and even manufacturing firms.